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Property Appraisal

What It Means

An appraisal is the method established by Kansas statute to determine a property owner’s share of the taxes that support schools, roads, health and human service programs, parks, and police and fire protection. The county appraiser is responsible for listing and valuing property in a uniform and equal manner.

The state closely monitors counties for their accuracy in valuing property. Pratt County has been found to be in compliance with state requirements since 1991.

Remember, the appraiser's office does not set taxes. The amount of taxes you pay depends on the budgets set by your governing bodies, such as the state, county, cities, and schools.

Appraisal Process

Someone from the county appraiser’s office is required to visit your property at least once every six years. The appraiser will:

  1. Interview the property owner, if able
  2. Inspect the property exterior
  3. Look for changes, such as a room addition or the construction of a deck
  4. Verify the dimensions
  5. Determine the property's structural damage and general condition
  6. Check to see if any improvements have been removed

Back in the office, the appraiser uses computer-generated data to analyze the property based upon its age, size, style of construction, and replacement costs. Sales data is also reviewed and analyzed.


The county appraiser mails notices of appraised values to owners of more than 14,000 properties on the first of March each year. You will receive an Annual Notice of Value form that provides the current year's and previous year's history of your property’s valuation.

Additional Information

  • Adjusted Sales Price and Other Information
  • Fair Market Value
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